Top 10 Predictions for the Relocation Industry in 2015

The first quarter of every year, relocation managers, whether they be on the client side or the service side, should take the time to assess the previous year and consider what’s in store for the future. This is especially important, as we are living in a constantly shifting world. Whether it’s pockets of volatility in the housing market, terrorism abroad or an uncertain regulatory environment, we are under a considerable amount of pressure to identify growing trends and react to them. To do this effectively, we are constantly polling our relocation peers, Realtor partners, clients, mortgage bankers and even transferees to get a sense of what’s to come – and how we can address any changes through counsel or policy tweaks.

This year, we thought it would be fun to compile our top 10 predictions for the relocation industry in 2015. Some of our predictions based on research and data, while others are based on anecdotal evidence and years of experience. Download this whitepaper to see our thoughts and join the conversation.

Top 10 Predictions for the Relocation Industry in 2015
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