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Relocation Program Management
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Pre-Decision Assessments for Relocating Employees

The economic downturn has created new challenges for corporate relocation programs. Now more than ever, employees are reluctant to relocate because of declining home values and cost of living concerns. To address this issue, more companies are providing employees with extensive information about the move upfront so that they can make informed decisions about accepting or declining a relocation package. Pre-decision assessments not only encourage some employees to relocate, but they also they also save time, money and energy for the company by preventing failed relocations.

XONEX Relocation offers a “LookSee” program to address the concerns of potential candidates who are undecided about taking a relocation or assignment. The services under this program include:

  • A consultation with a relocation services manager to review the relocation package and explain how it all works, as well as any equity concerns
  • Market analyses of the home to determine value and equity
  • Destination counseling from a local relocation professional
  • Destination area information packet
  • Preferred lender pre-approval assistance
  • Cost of living community comparison

These days, a relocation may not be the right choice for every employee. It’s better for everyone to identify potential pitfalls prior to the move. As such, pre-decision assessments are emerging as critical tools for the retention of talent and the successful management of corporate relocation programs.

Build the best relocation program for your business. Contact XONEX today to learn more about corporate relocation services for your employees.

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