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Destination Relocation Services
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Settling-In Relocation Services

When it comes to relocation, moving is just the beginning. Once employees are in their new location, there are a lot of details to coordinate before they are completely settled in their new home. Since settling-in can be time consuming, companies often provide additional relocation services to transferees at destination in order to ease stress and speed up the transition.

XONEX Relocation provides settling-in services to help relocating employees with essential details ranging from bank accounts and driver’s licenses to public transportation guides and automobiles.

Based on a needs assessment, the transferee and family may also be connected with the local library, health clubs, social clubs and even charities and volunteer organizations that may be of interest. Each employee will be able to work with their own relocation services manager to coordinate the settling-in services that they require. Some of the services that XONEX Relocation provides include:

  • Store recommendations for furniture and appliance purchase or rental
  • Coordination of all utility connections, billing details and installation dates
  • Assistance with insurance forms and other documentation
  • Help with purchasing  or leasing a car, including registration requirements
  • Setting up bank accounts and credit cards
  • Overview of medical assistance and a list of doctors
  • Pet assistance, including a list of veterinarians and animal clinics
  • Appropriate documentation, including a driver’s license

Since every employee is different, we can arrange additional services based on different needs. It’s our goal to provide as much support as possible throughout the transition so that transferees can focus on their new environment and job responsibilities as soon as possible.

Build the best relocation program for your business. Contact XONEX Relocation for more information about destination relocation services for your employees.  

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