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International Relocation Services
Global Banking

Global Banking

Global banking support is an often overlooked, but very important, international relocation service. International assignees may not know how to arrange adequate banking services abroad to meet their basic needs, including compensation, wires and transfers, expense reimbursements, credit and remote money management. This is further complicated by fluctuating currencies, language barriers and regulations. In some cases, transferees assume that the organization will help them with their financial needs abroad, so it’s important that all parties are on the same page in regards to global banking and payments prior to the move. 

XONEX Relocation has strategic partnerships with international financial institutions in order to help assignees with bank accounts, splitting deposits, credit cards, bill pay, cell phones, direct deposit, wires and transfers, money management and more, anywhere in the world.  As experts in global banking, XONEX Relocation and our partners can also help assignees mitigate currency risk and save on conversion rates.

Finances are critical to the employee’s survival and success in the new location. Companies will greatly reduce stress associated with an international relocation by supporting assignees in their global banking needs.  

Build the best relocation program for your business. Contact XONEX Relocation today for more information about international relocation services for your employees.


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