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International Relocation Services
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Inter-cultural Training for International Relocations

One of the greatest challenges that employees face when moving to a new country is adjusting to the different culture. Since culture influences everything that we do, from working with colleagues to making new friends, employees will need to understand local customs in order to be successful in their new location.

XONEX Relocation works with leading intercultural management training and consulting firms to educate transferees about the important cultural influences in their new location. This training will also help them avoid misunderstandings based on cultural differences, which is critical to their success in the workplace and at home.  Learning about the new environment will speed their transition and ease any concerns associated with unfamiliar surroundings.

We can coordinate seminars for different group sizes, with one or two day programs, depending on the transferee’s needs. We can also develop customized programs using the best resources available in any location around the world. Intercultural training for international relocation includes:

  • Introduction to the new country
  • Management of the transition to the new culture
  • Education on the values, attitudes and behaviors in the new country
  • How to ask for things that you need, when you need them
  • How to make friends  and develop good relationships with colleagues
  • Workplace traditions and principles
  • How to successfully plan and execute deals
  • Understanding culture shock and how to deal with unease effectively
  • Special training for children and spouses

Build the best relocation program for your business. Contact XONEX Relocation for more information about international relocation services for your employees.

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