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Repatriation Assistance

Repatriation Assistance

Once an employee is settled in a foreign country, whether for a relocation or temporary assignment, companies may consider the job completed. This is short-sighted for organizations that are planning to bring employees back to work in the original location. With international relocations often costing millions of dollars, expats are valuable assets with experience often unmatched at the origin office. Safeguarding these resources by making repatriation as easy as possible is central to a long-term human resource strategy.

XONEX Relocation offers comprehensive programs for clients that want to help their employees return home. Repatriation assistance often includes the coordination of all aspects of household goods moving, expense tracking and home finding when necessary. Since expatriate tax issues can be complicated, we will also prepare tax documentation and arrange for tax counseling for the transferee with a reputable tax firm.

Many of our repatriation assistance programs include counseling for dealing with the change, tactics for reconnecting with family, friends and colleagues, opportunities for mentoring future expatriates and support any other issues that arise for transferees, children and spouses during re-entry.

Since some expatriates require additional counseling after their return, our inter-cultural partners have developed repatriation programs that are geared towards helping U.S. expatriates re-assimilate to American culture. These programs generally occur 4-6 weeks after re-entry so that the family has a chance to settle and identify any concerns.

XONEX Relocation’s global service managers are always available to listen to concerns and help alleviate any stress associated with relocation and repatriation. We find that, when executed successfully and with care, quality repatriation programs can help organizations retain talent that has been abroad – an important factor in today’s competitive environment.

Build the best relocation program for your business. Contact XONEX Relocation for more information about international relocation services for your employees.

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