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2015 Housing Market Breakdown

Remember a few years ago when there was no one to buy a home? Well, today, things are different. Instead of a lack of buyers, there is a lack of supply. At the same time, with fewer people able to buy due to lack of inventory or financing, more people are renting. Consequently, rental rates are skyrocketing around the country making it difficult for first-time buyers to save – or, in our world, corporate transferees to find short-term housing.

At XONEX, we do follow national housing trends, but we are more concerned with the local markets. As we move thousands of transferees around the country every year, it’s imperative that we have a sense of the cities and states we touch regularly so that we can advise our clients based on their specific needs. That’s why this year we decided to take a closer look at our 2015 top five destination markets, and top five origin markets. We are excited to share the analysis with you for this spring’s eBook.

Build the best relocation program for your business.

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