International Relocation Services

XONEX provides full international relocation services for clients anywhere in the world. With more than 1300 service partners in 130 countries, we provide seamless origin and destination programs that are tailored by corporate policy and delivered through XONEX’s relocation service managers.

Our strategic partnership with GRS has given us a greater service offering abroad for our corporate clients. There are four regional hubs with a country manager in over 145 countries as well as countless experts on the ground. All of our worldwide providers are highly skilled in real estate, moving, temporary living, language and cultural training, visa immigration and tax consulting. In fact, every XONEX relocation, whether it’s from London to Shanghai or New York to India, is handled by experts that are part of our international network because they are leaders in their field.

International Relocation Services

Global Moving Services

Moving to a new country is a multi-faceted, detail-oriented process that can be stressful for relocating employees and their employers. At XONEX Relocation, our global moving specialists have an average of 25 years of experience in international relocation.

Visa and Immigration Assistancefor International Relocations

Transferees and their families who move to a foreign country will need visa and immigration assistance to ensure that the relocation is seamless. In order to reduce the burden on the employee, save time and avoid expensive legal costs, experts are available to manage the immigration process, collect the appropriate data and submit the necessary paperwork for successful entry.

Inter-cultural Training for International Relocations

One of the greatest challenges that employees face when moving to a new country is adjusting to the different culture. Since culture influences everything that we do, from working with colleagues to making new friends, employees will need to understand local customs in order to be successful in their new location.

Language Lessons for International Relocations

Language lessons are critical for a transferee who has accepted an international relocation. They will need to have a solid grasp of the new language in order to live and work in a new country.

Automobile Leasing

Finding transportation in a new country can be a challenge for an international assignee. Credit rules, regulations, licensing and safety concerns can impact the assignees ability to lease an automobile and will ultimately dictate their preferred mode of transportation for the duration of their stay.

Global Banking

Global banking support is an often overlooked, but very important, international relocation service. International assignees may not know how to arrange adequate banking services abroad to meet their basic needs, including compensation, wires and transfers, expense reimbursements, credit and remote money management.

International Assignment Management

International assignments can cost millions of dollars and should be managed closely to ensure that they are seamless, cost effective and successful. Prior to embarking on an assignment, companies should assess the employee’s ability to assimilate into a different environment while accepting new job responsibilities.

Expatriate Support

Understandably, the most common factors in assignment failure are family concerns, spousal satisfaction and ability to adapt. While assignees may appear fully absorbed in their new role, they can also feel lonely and isolated in a new country.

Repatriation Assistance

Once an employee is settled in a foreign country, whether for a relocation or temporary assignment, companies may consider the job completed. This is short-sighted for organizations that are planning to bring employees back to work in the original location.

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