Origin Relocation Services

Having the right services in place at the start of the relocation process sets the tone for a successful transition. XONEX Relocation has the right combination of expertise and resources to ensure that the move is a seamless as possible for transferees. From home selling services to household moving preparations, our origin relocation services are designed to help employees throughout the move so that they can focus on settling in to their new environment and maintaining productivity at work.

Origin Relocation Services

Home Selling and Home Marketing Services

Any homeowner will say that quickly selling their home for a fair price is their greatest concern when it comes to relocation. At the same time, it is also the most costly relocation service provided by employers.

Home Inventory Management

In any relocation, it’s important that employees are settled as quickly as possible in their new location. Since home selling is often time consuming and stressful, some companies will buy homes from their employees to expedite the relocation process.

Property Management and Rental Services

Sometimes, home sale may not be the best option for relocating employees. In some years, employees have opted out of relocating because the downturn in the housing market.

Lease Break Assistance for Renters

Historically, relocation packages have focused on homeowners. However, when there is an economic downturn renting is more popular, there are more transferees in that situation that will require rental specific relocation services.

Employees Policy Counseling

Once an employee decides to relocate, it’s important that they understand next steps as soon as possible so that they feel comfortable moving forward. Every employee that works with XONEX Relocation is assigned a relocation services manager.

Household Moving Preparation

Moving is often one of the most stressful components of the relocation process for employees. Most transferees are already grappling with real estate issues, family needs and new job requirements by the time they are ready to move, so it’s understandable that the details involved in moving household goods can be overwhelming.

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