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Origin Relocation Services

Having the right services in place at the start of the relocation process sets the tone for a successful transition. XONEX Relocation has the right combination of expertise and resources to ensure that the move is a seamless as possible for transferees. From home selling services to household moving preparations, our origin relocation services are designed to help employees throughout the move so that they can focus on settling in to their new environment and maintaining productivity at work.

  • Home Selling and Marketing Services
    Any homeowner will say that quickly selling their home for a fair price is their greatest concern when it comes to relocation. At the same time, it is also the most costly relocation service provided by employers. Given these concerns, and the impact of the recent economic downtown, it’s critical that employers develop and manage a policy that addresses the employee's needs in the most cost-effective way possible. ​ XONEX Relocation works with clients every day to create effective home selling programs that fit with corporate culture and provide a competitive benefit for the organization’s most valuable asset – its talent. We understand the intricacies of the market and have the on-site experience required to implement home selling relocation services that are relevant to the market and geared towards cost containment, while also remaining a competitive benefit for recruitment and retention. ​ XONEX Relocation provides home marketing services, as well as guaranteed buyout programs (GBO), buyer value option (BVO) programs or blends. All of our relocation services managers are licensed Realtors® and understand the complexities associated with aggressively marketing and selling a home. Further, since XONEX Relocation is not part of a realtor network, we can work with the top real estate agents in any market to develop a home marketing strategy that incorporates pricing, location, market conditions, financing terms, staging, advertising and more. ​ We understand that home selling can be hard on a transferee. Our relocation services managers are dedicated to providing the best counsel throughout the process so that transferees understand all of their options and are educated on local market conditions. Rest assured, for any home selling program offered, the XONEX team and leading realtors will work together with the transferee to ensure a successful sale for all parties.
  • Home Inventory Management
    In any relocation, it’s important that employees are settled as quickly as possible in their new location. Since home selling is often time consuming and stressful, some companies will buy homes from their employees to expedite the relocation process. In this case, the home will go into the company’s inventory, where it will be managed and eventually sold. Despite the benefits of a buyout for the employee, taking homes into inventory is a hard decision for any company to make. Monthly expenses for managing and marketing a home in inventory are often as high as two percent of the total value of the home. The best way to reduce inventory costs is to first limit the number of homes that enter into inventory. At XONEX Relocation, our primary focus is to identify true market value before the home is ever listed. Prior to valuing any home, our experts conduct an extensive property review to determine potential barriers to sale so that we can work with the employee to overcome any property issues. This approach has kept 90 percent of homes out of client inventory. When a home does enter inventory, our goal is to reduce the amount of time it stays there by ensuring that it’s in the best possible condition for sale. We work with leading service providers on all aspects of inventory management including regular home maintenance, repairs, landscaping, utilities, mortgage and tax payments, insurance and show staging. Further, XONEX Relocation also has in-house inventory management team comprised of former, seasoned real estate professionals who understand the complexities of selling in a challenging market. This team works directly with the best realtors available in the market to develop strategies and incentives that will sell inventory homes as quickly as possible. We are proud to say that the average number of days that a home stays in inventory with XONEX Relocation before receiving an acceptable offer remains at 45 days despite fluctuations in the housing markets. We understand that home inventory is a chief concern for our clients, which is why we provide detailed analysis of each home’s progress to our clients throughout the selling period. We believe that this level of transparency not only eases any concerns that our clients may have about inventory homes, but it also helps expedite sales.
  • Property Management
    Sometimes, home sale may not be the best option for relocating employees. In recent years, employees have opted out of relocating because the downturn in the housing market has stripped their homes of value, forcing them to accept a major loss if they sell. We believe this trend will continue until housing rebounds. Savvy companies are addressing this issue by coordinating property management services in conjunction with temporary corporate housing for employees that cannot sell their homes. XONEX Relocation offers a broad range of property management and rental services to accommodate these employees. We know that someone’s home is their most valuable possession, so we work with leading property management companies around the world to ensure that your employee’s property is maintained in good condition while they are away. Our property management relocation services include: Supervised maintenance of the home Landscaping Property inspections Repairs as needed 24/7 emergency response In some cases, it may make sense for the employee to rent their home. Renting can provide cost savings to the employee as any income generated can be used to pay the mortgage, insurance and taxes on the property. As a result of a prolonged dip in the housing market, this option is growing as viable alternative to home sale. Our rental services include: Marketing the home for rent Lease negotiation Tenant screening, including credit checks and in-person interviews Rent collection Emergency response Repairs as needed Periodic check-ins with the tenant Maintenance of a rental fund for the employee  or rent forwarding XONEX Relocation will track and report all expenses paid and income earned on the property for tax purposes. We can also tailor any of our property management and rental services to meet your employee’s individual needs and fit your relocation policy.
  • Lease Break Assistance
    Historically, relocation packages have focused on homeowners. However, since the economic downturn has made renting more popular, there are more transferees today that will require rental specific relocation services. At origin, the most important relocation benefit for renters is lease break assistance. Unless timed perfectly, most renters that are relocating will have to break lease with their landlord. XONEX Relocation offers lease break assistance to transferees in order to minimize their expenses and reduce the stress associated with landlord negotiations. In fact, our rental experts frequently work directly with the landlord to break the lease on behalf of the transferee, even providing direct payment when necessary. We will also help the transferee negotiate a lease at their new location to avoid lease break expenses in the future, should the employee have to relocate again.
  • Employee Policy Counseling
    Once an employee decides to relocate, it’s important that they understand next steps as soon as possible so that they feel comfortable moving forward. Every employee that works with XONEX Relocation is assigned a relocation services manager who will provide counsel throughout the relocation, ensuring that all needs are met within the parameters outlined in the corporate relocation policy. All of our relocation services managers have extensive real estate and relocation experience and an average tenure of eight years with XONEX. Every transferee initiated with XONEX is contacted within 24 hours for relocation policy counseling. During this initial conversation, we will give a detailed review of the benefits and procedures provided to the transferee and identify any special needs that will need to be addressed. We will also discuss any concerns that the employee may have about relocating so that we are best prepared to help along the way. Based on the initial conversation, XONEX will coordinate relocation services and qualified suppliers for the employee. In addition to managing major relocation events, including home sale and household moving, we also works closely with transferees on everything from moving checklists to travel reminders to ensure that the relocation goes as smoothly as possible. Our relocation services managers are always available to their transferees for additional counsel at any time. Every transferee is also welcome to review their policy, relocation status, submit and track expenses, file a claim, update personal and family profiles and view pertinent documents online.
  • Household Goods Moving Preparation
    Moving is often one of the most stressful components of the relocation process for employees. Most transferees are already grappling with real estate issues, family needs and new job requirements by the time they are ready to move, so it’s understandable that the details involved in moving household goods can be overwhelming. At XONEX, we strive to make moving as easy as possible by working with transferees from the very beginning of the relocation so that there are no surprises on moving day. Once a relocation is initiated, we will immediately find the transferee a reputable moving company, obtain estimates and secure desired move dates. We are happy to work with our clients’ preferred mover or provide a recommendation based on individual client needs. Either way, we have access to a vast domestic and international network. Further, our relocation services managers are trained on moving operations so that they have a comprehensive understanding of the moving process in order to better serve transferees. XONEX Relocation will manage all aspects of the move, including any special services that an employee may need. Whether it’s obtaining the appropriate paperwork, or ensuring that pets have adequate transportation, we will work closely with each transferee to prepare everything in advance so that every move is as seamless as possible.

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