Destination Relocation Services

XONEX Relocation has the right combination of expertise and resources to ensure that transferees have information when they need it most – making decisions on new home purchases or rental locations, temporary living, obtaining the best mortgage, spousal assistance, school finding, elder care and more. Our destination relocation services are designed to reduce stress and help employees settle into their new location faster so that they can focus on getting back to work.

Destination Relocation Services

Area Tours

Moving to a new city can be exhilarating and challenging at the same time. In order to make the relocation a positive experience, it’s important that employees have an opportunity to tour the new area prior to the move.

Home Finding Services

One of the best ways to ensure that employees have a successful relocation is to help them find a great home at destination.

Mortgage Services

In all likelihood, a transferee who is planning to buy a new home will need mortgage services to facilitate the sale.

Temporary Corporate Housing for Assignments and Short Stays

Temporary corporate housing is a necessary relocation service if there is a lag between permanent accommodations or if the employee is on a short assignment.

Household Moving Coordination

Once all the preparation done and it’s time for the transferee to move, additional support is needed to ensure that all moving logistics go according to plan.

Settling-In Relocation Services

When it comes to relocation, moving is just the beginning. Once employees are in their new location, there are a lot of details to coordinate before they are completely settled in their new home.

School Finding Services

For transferee’s who have children, finding a good school in the new location is a top priority. It’s hard for parents to understand the nuances of each school district without help from a resident expert, which is why school finding assistance is one of the most popular relocation services offered for both domestic and global assignments.

Spousal Career Coaching Services

The number of families that rely on dual incomes has increased dramatically over the years and companies need to be prepared for the relocation challenge this presents.

Elder Care Services

While many companies are quick to consider spousal support and child-care assistance for relocating employees, elder care is often overlooked as an important relocation service.

Relocation Expense Reporting

It’s normal for employees to incur expenses during a relocation or temporary assignment. Organizing these expenses without a system in place can be a hassle for the employee and a time-consuming project for the client.

Cost of Living Comparisons

An employee who accepts a relocation package must be prepared for many changes, including fluctuations in living expenses if they are moving to a more expensive location.

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