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Technology Solutions for Relocation Programs

At XONEX, we enhance our customer service with the best technology available to ensure that our clients get the most out of their corporate relocation programs. Our system allows clients and service representatives to monitor relocation services in real time, which can minimize expenses while enhancing employee benefits – resulting in increased efficiency, reduced relocation costs and high levels of transferee satisfaction.

The XONEX Gateway system integrates all the corporate relocation components that are critical to our clients, transferees and suppliers in order to provide secure, real-time information and reports. The system is a secure and interactive web-based application that gives our clients 24/7 access to important relocation data.

The Client Gateway

The majority of XONEX clients use the Gateway web portal for interactive record keeping, program supervision, online initiations, cost estimating and expense approval. With the Gateway, clients have immediate access to all relocation activities, data, accrued expenses and reporting information. Clients can easily download information for use in common applications, including Excel® and most payroll systems.

The Transferee Gateway

Transferees will have 24/7 access to a customized Transferee Gateway web portal that provides easy and convenient access to the important documents related to their move. In addition to their personal move profile and needs assessment document, transferees can access offer letters, assignment letters, policies and required reporting forms that are organized in a virtual, easy-to-navigate file cabinet.

XONEX relentlessly investigates new ways to integrate superior technology with service delivery, which allows us to create technical solutions that are cutting edge, user-friendly and efficient.


XONEX offers a free transferee mobile web app called, “MyXONEX.”  “MyXONEX,” allows domestic transferees to manage their relocation on the go from the palm of their hand. They can access important information, call or email their counselor at the touch of a button, find a suitable neighborhood, submit and track expenses (if client approval is granted) – all at no charge.

Build the best relocation program for your business.

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