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Mobility Team

The XONEX Relocation Mobility Team

At XONEX Relocation we use a team approach to ensure that our clients, and their employees, receive top quality relocation services, moving anywhere in the world. Our “Mobility Team” concept provides the best combination of counselors, specialists and other personnel for each client to ensure that the best solutions are developed for any relocation challenge.


A XONEX Relocation Services Manager (RSM) remains the central point of contact and accountability throughout the entire relocation process. All of our RSM’s are Realtors® and experts in the field. Through the RSM, clients are directly connected to a full complement of support professional including rental specialists, home marketing specialists, expense analysts, transportation specialists, IT liaisons and international experts. The RSM’s primary role is to be an advocate for the transferee, with the following goals:

  • Serve as an extension of the client company 

  • Understand client’s company culture

  • Alleviate the administrative burden of relocations 

  • Coordinate all approved benefits and services 

  • Order and review all Broker Market Analyses and appraisals 

  • Communicate with the transferee on special needs 

  • Monitor the home marketing process including offer negotiations 

  • Facilitate the home sale program process 

  • Coordinate with all suppliers

Each member of the XONEX Relocation team is dedicated to unparalleled levels of service for each client and every transferring family will get the quality time, attention, and access they need for a smooth transition.

Build the best relocation program for your business.

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