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XONEX Relocation Supplier Partnerships

XONEX Relocation works with a large network of appraisers, brokers, movers and Realtors® to provide a breadth of quality corporate relocation services to our clients. Every relocation, from New York to California or London to Shanghai, is handled by experts that are part of our network because they are leaders in their field. Our criteria for corporate relocation service providers are below:


  • All appraisers must be actively working as an independent local fee appraiser

  • Their primary income must be obtained from single family homes appraisals

  • All appraisers must agree to conduct the appraisal in accordance with the Appraiser Professional Practice and Conduct Standards

  • They must use the Employee Relocation Council’s (ERC) Appraisal Form and Guidelines

  • They must have access to current local market data through a multiple listing (or similar cooperative) service

  • All appraisers must have experience and proven performance in fair market value appraising for relocation firms or corporations

  • The must have no current or future interest in subject property, or any connection to the property, nor a relationship that would affect an objective evaluation in determining fair market value.

Real Estate Brokers

  • Must be a Realtor®

  • Must complete a broker profile, areas of coverage and sample BMA’s

  • Must subscribe to the National Association of Realtors® Code of Ethics

  • Must have a proven track record in the relocation business

  • Must be a Certified Relocation Professional (CRP)

  • Must be familiar with and can complete the ERC’s Broker Market Analysis form

Mortgage Providers

  • Must have nationwide lending coverage

  • A division dedicated to corporate relocation

  • A full suite of mortgage products with dedicated officers to counsel employees

  • Direct bill capabilities

  • Generous qualifying ratios, including consideration of spousal income

  • Quick loan qualification and approvals

  • Retain servicing of loans preferred

Global Service Partners

  • Experience and number of years in the relocation business (five years minimum experience required)

  • Experienced staff

  • Language skills (English as a second or third language is required)

  • Specific number of relocations serviced annually for the past five years

  • Menu of services must meet our selected menu criteria

  • Competitive pricing for the country and/or region

  • Ability to provide services in area of the country outside of key metropolitan cities

Household Goods

  • Quality rating

  • Low claim ratio/dollar value

  • Size and market share

  • Capacity for self-pack and haul

  • Geographic location and storage facilities

  • On-time pick-up and delivery

XONEX Relocation maintains a corporate code of conduct that extends to our selected partners. Please follow the link to review our code of conduct

Build the best relocation program for your business.

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