Relocation Program Management

XONEX combines technology and unmatched service for maximum impact on your corporate relocation program. From policy design to tax coordination, we offer a diverse combination of corporate relocation services that can be tailored to fit individual client needs so that they can get the most out of their relocation plan. Our size and attention to detail helps us respond to trends quickly and efficiently, which places our clients ahead of the curve when it comes to market trends and challenges.

Relocation Program Management

Corporate Relocation Policy Consulting

Corporate relocation policies are a critical piece of any talent management program and should always be tailored to meet the specific needs and culture of an organization.

Pre-Decision Assessments for Relocating Employees

An economic downturn can create new challenges for corporate relocation programs. When this happens employees are reluctant to relocate because of declining home values and cost of living concerns.

Group Move Administration

Group moves present a challenge for many corporations. The immediate volume surge creates urgent needs for a diverse population of transferees and their families.

Lump Sum Relocation Programs

Lump Sum relocation programs are growing in popularity because they are easy to administer, seemingly equitable and they provide a fixed cost approach for relocating transferees.

Cost Management for Corporate Relocation Programs

In a competitive market place, it’s critical to provide competitive corporate relocation benefits, while adhering to budgets and minimizing excess expense.

Relocation Tax Management

Relocation taxation is constantly evolving, keeping even the most proactive companies on their toes when it comes to building a cost-effective, but competitive relocation program. In order to save time and money for both the employer and employee, it’s critical to understand which relocation services are treated as income by the IRS.

Expense Tracking and Financial Services

Relocation employees incur a lot of expenses that need to be monitored and managed throughout the relocation process so that they are accounted for during pay periods and at tax time.

Supplier Diversity

Organizations that implement good supplier diversity policies reap a number a benefits including competitive pricing, enhanced corporate image and exposure to new communities and ideas. Further, supporting minority owned businesses stimulates job creation and economic development that helps businesses thrive.

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