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2021 Global Mobility Outlook

We can all agree that 2020 has been a tumultuous year. From January until now, we have lived a tale of two economies. In the beginning, the world was afire with growth, and mobility was reaping those benefits. Today, the world is still and quiet, huddled at home and, if you can imagine, longing for the days of commuting and a coffee in the break room.

But, alas, we cannot live in this pause forever - we must look forward to better days when we can get back the familiar hustle and bustle of work, life, and mobility.

For this reason, we positioned our annual the survey mainly as a comparison study between the 2019 past, and the 2021 future.

This in no way means that we have discounted the impact that 2020 has had on our industry, our businesses, our mobility programs and, of course, our lives. We have included several questions covering these issues, as well.

Overall, however, our survey was designed to embrace an optimistic spirit that recovery is inevitable, and we wanted to know what that might look like for the mobility industry.

While a brief snapshot, it is always helpful to learn what other companies are planning. We enjoyed a 45% survey return rate within our client base. If your business is having a different experience, we welcome your feedback. Please enjoy this quick read and, from all of us at XONEX Relocation, stay safe, healthy and positive.

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