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XONEX Relocation Leaps Forwards in Quality Service Ranking on HRO Today's 2022 Baker's Dozen Survey

March 21, 2022

Wilmington, DE - XONEX Relocation, a third party relocation services company, today announced that the company has been ranked 7th on HRO Today Magazine’s coveted Baker’s Dozen Customer Satisfaction Survey for relocation providers. In addition to the overall ranking, XONEX Relocation jumped up four spots in its Quality Service rankings, securing a 6th place spot. HRO Today’s Baker’s Dozen rankings are based solely on feedback from clients.

“At XONEX, our mission is to serve our clients by providing consistent, reliable, and high-quality relocation services for employees at a reasonable cost,” said Paige Holden, President, XONEX Relocation. “XONEX remains intensely focused on delivering exceptional, responsive service to our client partners and their valuable talent. Our dedication to service has only strengthened in these uncertain times. We we will seize every opportunity to show that great service is integral to any successful relocation program.” 

In addition to ranking 7th overall and 6th for quality of service, XONEX Relocation placed 7th for size of deal and 8th for breadth of service. Last year, XONEX Relocation ranked 5th overall and 10th for quality of service. The jump in service rankings is a direct result of our commitment to proactive communication, responsiveness and flexibility in all areas of relocation program management, from counseling to technological applications.  

The HRO Baker’s Dozen list is ranked solely based on feedback provided by the buyers of the rated services. The ratings are not based on the opinion of the HRO Today staff. HRO Today collects feedback annually through an online survey which they distribute to buyers directly through our own mailing lists and indirectly through service providers. Once collected, response data for all providers with a statistically significant sample size are loaded into the HRO Today database for analysis.

In order to determine an overall ranking from this data, HRO Today analyzes results across three subcategories: service breadth, deal sizes, and quality. Using a predetermined algorithm that weighs questions and categories based on importance, scores are calculated in all three subcategories as well as an overall score. These scores are the basis of the Baker’s Dozen Customer Satisfaction Ratings and are presented to demonstrate the relative differences among the ranked service providers.

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