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Earning a Seat at the Table

HR has a significant opportunity to be a strategic partner to business now more than ever before. Fierce competition,
tight budgets, shrinking talent pools and disengaged employees
are just some of the significant challenges that business are facing
today – and there is no sign that these problems will let up any time
soon. At some point, the C-suite will have to bring HR in at a strategic level. When they do, you need to be there.


Unfortunately, today, only a small percentage of CEOs look to their HR departments for assistance with critical talent-related strategies because HR has historically been seen as an area of administrative focus. Do you need to know payroll? Yes. Employment law?Absolutely.

But, getting HR integrated into the business at a high level requires
that HR correlate the performance of the workforce with business
results. To do this effectively, HR must having a deep understanding
of the organization, as well as the internal and external dynamics
that impact the business at a fundamental level.


Further, you need to connect easily with people and drive results with a sense of urgency and in a manner that allows you to engage and inspire others around you so that you can influence your organization on all levels. In this EBook, we share the competencies that you will need to get a seat at the table. While complex, they are critical and will develop over time as you gain experience.


Build the best relocation program for your business.

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