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Protect Your Relocation Program from Swinging Market Conditions

If you’re in global mobility, you’ve probably heard this question often over the past year. While 2018 boasted a strong economy, we did see some challenges in relocation. From new tax laws to immigration delays, we all had to respond in ways large and small. Now, stock market fluctuations, political drama, varying interest rate forecasts, and a tight job market are all influencing the way we think about business and, more importantly, how our businesses are going to manage the swinging pendulum.

We may not be able to predict 2019 trends with absolute certainty, but we can monitor the landscape for budding trends and refine our relocation programs as needed. This white paper looks at several conditions and warning signs that may warrant adjustments to make your program more cost effective, appealing to the transferee, and competitive in the market. They include:

A Slowing Housing Market
A Brisk Housing Market
Interest Rate Fluctuations
The Job Market

What else does the white paper show that impacts HR and mobility? Click the download button to learn more. 

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Build the best relocation program for your business.

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