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Top 50 Relocation Questions from Transferees

Every year, we move thousands of corporate transferees around the globe. Some are homeowners, some are renters, some are domestic and some are international. We handle group moves, family moves, individual moves, temporary moves and even permanent moves. As you can probably imagine, we have fielded just about every transferee question pertaining to relocation there is…even some real stumpers!

As we are gearing up for the busy relocation season, it dawned on us that we should be documenting all of the questions we receive and the answers we provide so that we can share it with you, as well as our transferees.

If you have ever wished for a desk reference of frequently asked relocation questions so that you can respond to your employees, this eBook is for you. If you are a transferee with a million questions running through your head, this eBook is for you, too.


Click the button below for the 50 most common questions we receive from transferees and the answers that we provide on a regular basis.


Build the best relocation program for your business.

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