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2020 Internship Programs in the Wake of COVID-19

Internship programs in the wake of COVID-19 are seeing a number of challenges, much like all relocation programs. Surprisingly, many companies are intending to proceed, but are delaying commitment until last minute. This will have an effect on the pricing and availability of temporary living accommodations, one of the main components of internship mobility.

We connected with one of our preferred temporary living providers, National Corporate Housing, to compile some of the best practices we have seen from corporate clients.

Secure intern commitments. Companies are calling all interns and surveying them to confirm a number per location who will commit right now to participate this summer. Clients are moving forward with allowing us to make those arrangements and, in some cases, book 80%-90% of units expected, depending on location. This will leave any hesitant interns without housing until they confirm 100%, but securing the rest at the best pricing and while there is inventory.

Distribute virtual setups. With everything going virtual (ex. Onboarding is now virtual), companies are planning on sending laptops out to all interns, as well as adding a desk per intern in each apartment. National Corporate Housing can assist with the distribution of laptops. In most cases, they have an office where the interns are located.

Work remote, but from temporary living accommodation. We are discussing remote internships with housing in the interns’ home location. With universities closing, and travel restricted, some interns cannot or will not return home to their parents. In these cases, we are discussing options around housing with self-containment in temporary living apartments, but in the city where they must remain.

Offer Welcome Packs. National Corporate Housing is offering welcome packs to further support interns. They can include (at additional cost) a welcome packet specific to the Covid-19 environment. These welcome packs may include the following: fully furnished apartments with working desks, hand sanitizer, workout mats (to avoid the gym), Brita Water Filters and a virtual Scavenger hunt in units to help with onboarding events since they are no longer in person.

Both XONEX Relocation and National Corporate Housing look forward to our internship programs every year. Despite the challenges we are currently facing, we hope to make this important rite of passage possible for our clients and their talent. Please contact XONEX Relocation directly if you need support for you interns now or in the future.


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