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Can Your Relocation Company Help with Recruitment? Yes!

While your relocation management company is most likely not recruiting on your behalf, they can assist you in finding the right fit, culturally and financially.

The Candidate Pool. As you gather your list of candidates, especially in hard to fill positions, you will usually need to look outside the immediate market place for talent. While a great HR strategy, the associated costs of bringing the desired candidate(s) to the position location must be considered. Before making an offer, you should have your relocation management company prepare a cost projection so that you can better determine anticipated needs and costs, including any relocation tax consequences. Not only will this help you see your budget more clearly, it will also enable you to tailor your relocation benefit package to address needs, while keeping the costs under control.

The Counseling Session. A jigsaw puzzle piece needs to fit in the big puzzle. But, the

puzzle must also fit the piece! In other words, finding a candidate who fits in the position is one step, but there's another step. The candidate needs to determine if the move is right for them and their family. Your relocation management company can help the candidate make this decision by providing compassionate and helpful counseling that walks the candidate through the relocation program and benefits so that they can get a real sense of the process from origin to destination. If there are specific concerns, the counselor should come back to you with recommendations and viable solutions.

Gathering the Troops. Be it a single candidate, or a group move, your relocation company should gather the troops on the ground, including critical local resources such as Realtors, lenders, inspection agencies and more to help your candidate get the answers they need in order to make an informed decision.

The Discovery Trip. Relocation companies should have reputable resources for local tours, home previews, schools and other points of interest. By getting your service partner to arrange these services, you are more likely to get actionable feedback to aid in your negotiations.

As HR departments have taken on more responsibility, with fewer staff members, they need the assistance of their service partners to cover all the bases. Engaging your relocation company in the pre-offer/pre-decision phase, is a very useful tool to support a right fit, a cost contained process and a positive experience for the eventual transferee.


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