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XONEX Joins WERC Buyer Broker Initiative; Builds Residential Home Transaction Cost Estimator

XONEX Relocation today announced that the U.S. Residential Home Transaction Cost Estimator is now available on the Worldwide Employee Relocation Council (WERC) website. This tool is available as an educational resource to help talent mobility professionals understand the potential cost impacts of evolving U.S. buyer broker commission practices on home sale and home purchase practices.

In March, XONEX Relocation joined WERC's buyer broker ad hoc group for relocation management companies. This subcommittee, in collaboration with other groups, has worked to develop and support the relocation industry's response to the NAR settlement and its future impact on the U.S. residential real estate industry. As part of XONEX's commitment to WERC, its clients, and the relocation industry at large, the company led the charge to build the U.S. Residential Home Transaction Cost Estimator. WERC members can now access the tool here:

If you do not have access to WERC and would like a demo of the estimator tool, please contact Paige Holden at

This tool was designed and developed for industry use by the RMC subcommittee of WERC’s buyer broker ad hoc group, with efforts led by Paige Holden from XONEX Relocation, Liz Boschert from Aires, Kathryn Couture from Altair Global, and Jay Hershman from Baillie & Hershman. Special thanks to all who collaborated.


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