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Relocation Program Management

Corporate Relocation Services for Group Moves

Group moves present a challenge for many corporations. The immediate volume surge creates urgent needs for a diverse population of transferees and their families. If the move is not addressed openly and properly, company rumors and relocation stress can lead to an unnecessary loss of talent.

The success of a group move depends on the swift gathering of quality service providers, resources and information. At XONEX Relocation, our approach is to quickly assemble the pieces together, allowing potential transferees to make decisions based on the complete picture rather than conjecture and fear.

All of our group move services that can be tailored to meet the group’s specific timing needs and budget. Typically, XONEX Relocation provides on-site consulting to help our corporate clients assess employee needs and attitudes about the move. Based on our assessment and client concerns, we can develop a group move plan that includes any support programs essential to the success of the move. Depending on the scope of the project, we will dedicate trained relocation consultants to assist in any capacity necessary to ensure minimal disruption and satisfied transferees. 

For every group move, we provide clients and transferees a single point of contact so that everyone receives individualized attention, confidentiality, cost-effective planning and helpful information derived from our years of experience in helping families relocate. By addressing individual concerns, such as schools, housing, local culture, and destination services, early in the process, XONEX Relocation has achieved a proven record of group move success and transferee retention.

Build the best relocation program for your business.

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