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Home Inventory Management

In any relocation, it’s important that employees are settled as quickly as possible in their new location. Since home selling is often time consuming and stressful, some companies will buy homes from their employees to expedite the relocation process. In this case, the home will go into the company’s inventory, where it will be managed and eventually sold. Despite the benefits of a buyout for the employee, taking homes into inventory is a hard decision for any company to make. Monthly expenses for managing and marketing a home in inventory are often as high as two percent of the total value of the home.


The best way to reduce inventory costs is to first limit the number of homes that enter into inventory. At XONEX Relocation, our primary focus is to identify true market value before the home is ever listed. Prior to valuing any home, our experts conduct an extensive property review to determine potential barriers to sale so that we can work with the employee to overcome any property issues. This approach has kept 90 percent of homes out of client inventory.


When a home does enter inventory, our goal is to reduce the amount of time it stays there by ensuring that it’s in the best possible condition for sale.  We work with leading service providers on all aspects of inventory management including regular home maintenance, repairs, landscaping, utilities, mortgage and tax payments, insurance and show staging.


Further, XONEX Relocation also has in-house inventory management team comprised of former, seasoned real estate professionals who understand the complexities of selling in a challenging market. This team works directly with the best realtors available in the market to develop strategies and incentives that will sell inventory homes as quickly as possible. We are proud to say that the average number of days that a home stays in inventory with XONEX Relocation before receiving an acceptable offer remains at 45 days despite fluctuations in the housing markets. 


We understand that home inventory is a chief concern for our clients, which is why we provide detailed analysis of each home’s progress to our clients throughout the selling period.  We believe that this level of transparency not only eases any concerns that our clients may have about inventory homes, but it also helps expedite sales.

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