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Property Management and Rental Services

Sometimes, home sale may not be the best option for relocating employees. In recent years, employees have opted out of relocating because the downturn in the housing market has stripped their homes of value, forcing them to accept a major loss if they sell. We believe this trend will continue until housing rebounds.


Savvy companies are addressing this issue by coordinating property management services in conjunction with temporary corporate housing for employees that cannot sell their homes. XONEX Relocation offers a broad range of property management and rental services to accommodate these employees.


We know that someone’s home is their most valuable possession, so we work with leading property management companies around the world to ensure that your employee’s property is maintained in good condition while they are away. Our property management relocation services include:

  • Supervised maintenance of the home

  • Landscaping

  • Property inspections

  • Repairs as needed

  • 24/7 emergency response


In some cases, it may make sense for the employee to rent their home. Renting can provide cost savings to the employee as any income generated can be used to pay the mortgage, insurance and taxes on the property. As a result of a prolonged dip in the housing market, this option is growing as viable alternative to home sale. Our rental services include:

  • Marketing the home for rent

  • Lease negotiation

  • Tenant screening, including credit checks and in-person interviews

  • Rent collection

  • Emergency response

  • Repairs as needed

  • Periodic check-ins with the tenant

  • Maintenance of a rental fund for the employee  or rent forwarding


XONEX Relocation will track and report all expenses paid and income earned on the property for tax purposes. We can also tailor any of our property management and rental services to meet your employee’s individual needs and fit your relocation policy.

Build the best relocation program for your business.

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