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Coupa Supplier: Thriving in Uncertainty

XONEX Relocation had the distinct honor today of being featured in an article by Coupa Suppliers, a leading portal that connects procurement professionals with suppliers. Below we've included a snippet from the feature, and you can read the full article, "Thriving in Uncertainty: XONEX Relocation Services," here.

During a global pandemic, safety and security become a top priority. During the past year, XONEX’s focus shifted from moving whole families into permanent locations to helping individuals find temporary accommodations when these employees needed to be onsite. “Needless to say, businesses had concerns around mobility during the past 12 months. Some of our clients, however, had no choice but to bring employees onsite for a specific period of time,” DiGiovanni explained. “Under normal circumstances, our team is committed to delivering exceptional quality care. During the pandemic, we had to go above and beyond. We helped our travelers find PPE, navigate mobility restrictions, understand testing procedures, and supported them every step of the way. Our clients appreciated it and we saw it in our quality scores. They were some of the highest we have ever seen.”

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