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International Relocation Services

Expatriate Support

Understandably, the most common factors in assignment failure are family concerns, spousal satisfaction and ability to adapt. While assignees may appear fully absorbed in their new role, they can also feel lonely and isolated in a new country. Family members, as well, may have a hard time making new friends, adjusting to a different school curriculum or finding activities that meet their interests. To mitigate risk associated with international assignments, it’s important that expatriate families have dependable resources available in the new country.

XONEX Relocation works with coaches and counselors to listen and provide services that help expatriates settle-in to their new location. All expatriates working with XONEX will be introduced to local experts who will help them obtain important documentation, open bank accounts, find healthcare, visit important landmarks and find social clubs and expatriate communities so that they feel more comfortable in their new community.

XONEX Relocation counselors also provide continual support to expatriate families before, during and after the international relocation process. Our global relocation services managers are always available to listen to concerns and help alleviate any stress associated with the assignment. By providing continual support, we help ease assignees into their new environment while protecting our clients’ substantial investment in international relocations.

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