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International Relocation Services

International Assignment Management

International assignments can cost millions of dollars and should be managed closely to ensure that they are seamless, cost effective and successful. Prior to embarking on an assignment, companies should assess the employee’s ability to assimilate into a different environment while accepting new job responsibilities. At the same time, assignees need quality resources so that they can make informed decisions about their transition and time abroad.

Although many of the needs for international moves are the same as for domestic moves, the way that XONEX manages international assignments is slightly different. Before implementing the assignment, we encourage employers to conduct a transferee suitability assessment and provide a pre-assignment trip to ensure that the employee is ready for the move:

Transferee Suitability Assessment

XONEX Relocation partners with leading corporate psychology and management firms to provide a rigorous, research-based assessment of candidates, spouses and families readiness for an international assignment. These assessments helps employers know if the assignee is suitable for the job and can adapt to the culture.

Pre-Assignment Trip

Employees considering an international assignment should be given the opportunity to visit the destination prior to moving, thereby alleviating any concerns or fears of the unknown. While language may not be a concern in all moves, schools, neighborhoods and lifestyles are different throughout the world. All pre-assignment trips will begin with an in-depth counseling session before proceeding to a traditional area tour.

Once the employee has decided to accept the assignment, XONEX Relocation will issue the transferee and their family a package with an introductory letter, insurance information a preparation list and an overview of the destination country. The overview includes information on exchange rates, taxation, geography, economy, key contacts, etiquette and protocol, important advisories, schools, medical providers and prohibited articles and items. To comply with recently implemented security measures, our international relocation experts will also begin to advise assignees on special precautions, cultural practices and customs regulations.

To best prepare the assignee for the move, XONEX Relocation provides additional services geared towards international relocation, such as language lessons, and we guarantee that every international assignment is managed by an expert in foreign affairs.

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