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International Relocation Services

Visa and Immigration Assistance

Transferees and their families who move to a foreign country will need visa and immigration assistance to ensure that the relocation is seamless. In order to reduce the burden on the employee, save time and avoid expensive legal costs, experts are available to manage the immigration process, collect the appropriate data and submit the necessary paperwork for successful entry.

XONEX Relocation works with experienced immigration attorneys to facilitate immigration procedures for the transferee and their family. Based on a needs assessment and the destination country, XONEX will collect and file the information required for visas, work permits, passports and more. We will also monitor the application process as needed to ensure that there are no surprises upon arrival in the new country.

Immigration is a detail-oriented and time sensitive process that requires a great deal of attention. To avoid costly mistakes and fire drills, it’s important that transferees are given access to experts that will make sure the proper protocol is followed.

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