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Destination Relocation Services

School Finding Services

For transferee’s who have children, finding a good school in the new location is a top priority. It’s hard for parents to understand the nuances of each school district without help from a resident expert, which is why school finding assistance is one of the most popular relocation services offered for both domestic and global assignments.

XONEX Relocation offers school finding services for employees moving anywhere in the world. Through our extensive networks in the U.S. and our partnership with Global Relocation Services (GRS), we have the breadth to connect relocating employees with the best education experts in their new location.  Our school finding relocation services include:

  • Needs analysis for each child

  • Comparison of origin and destination school systems

  • List of appropriate schools

  • School selection guides

  • School appointments and visits

  • Placement services

  • Customized programs for special educational needs


Relocation can be especially hard on children, which is why it’s important that they are settled into a routine and introduced to new friends as quickly as possible. Taking the anxiety out of finding a good school will greatly benefit the family, making the relocation a more positive experience for everyone involved.

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