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Destination Relocation Services

Household Moving Coordination

Once all the preparation done and it’s time for the transferee to move, additional support is needed to ensure that all moving logistics go according to plan. Last minute surprises and a lack of information will create additional stress for the transferee and their family, so it’s important that they have access to resources during packing, loading, delivery and the settling-in period.

XONEX Relocation is the industry leader in moving household goods for transferees. Our in-depth knowledge of moving operations given us an unparalleled understanding of the moving process, no matter which mover we are working with. Our relocation service managers will work closely with move coordinators for each transferee to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible from start to finish, including the following:

Move Monitoring

  • Initiate the move order registration in the system, select a destination agent, and electronically notify operations to schedule self-haul and driver/van assignment

  • Confirm load and delivery dates with operations and discuss special shipment concerns with the van operator

  • Confirms the pack, load and delivery dates again with the transferee prior to the move

  • Notify the transferee of arrival time at least 24 hours in advance

  • Ensure timely arrival of the moving crew

  • Determine the transferee’s satisfaction with the packing crew on packing day

  • Determine the transferee’s satisfaction with the driver and crew on load day

  • Arrange for any destination services, including unpacking and debris pickup, with the destination agent

Delivery Procedures

  • Call the transferee on the delivery day to confirm timely arrival, determine the transferee’s level of satisfaction

  • Inform the transferee to expect a post-move assessment questionnaire

  • Inquire of any known loss or damage

  • Call on Day of Unpacking (if performed)

  • Fax and/or call account with verbal move completion report

  • Email the client with an update upon completion of the move

  • Provide a performance appraisal questionnaire (PAQ) is automatically sent upon delivery to the transferee. This form can be completed online.


Claims Management


XONEX Relocation service providers will also work with moving coordinators and the transferee to manage claims, should they arise. Prior to the move, transferees will receive information about claims procedures so that they can discuss any questions with us in advance. Our claims procedure typically entails the following:

  • All transferees receive a claim form in pre-move packet of information and an online claim form via the Transferee Gateway is also available

  • The transferee is contacted on delivery day to see if there is any apparent damage at that time. If there is, we will assist the transferee in completing the form and arranging for an immediate inspection

  • The transferee will be contacted seven days after the move and again in fourteen days as part of quality control; if damage has been found during this time frame we will assist the transferee.

  • Upon receipt of the claim form, we will assign a repair firm based on the nature of the item damaged, etc. We have an extensive database of repair facilities and have long-term relationships with a number of specialized firms. The repair facility will then contact the transferee and arrange for an on-site visit.

  • The repair expert will assess the damage and work with the transferee to either repair or determine settlement based on replacement value. Oftentimes, repairs are completed during this first on-site visit.

  • Regular review of any outstanding claims occurs at weekly account meetings

  • Senior management is actively involved when serious situations develop and we will work decisively to settle the claim as expeditiously as possible and with the least amount of stress for the transferee.

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