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Destination Relocation Services

Spousal Career Coaching Services

The number of families that rely on dual incomes has increased dramatically over the years and companies need to be prepared for the relocation challenge this presents. A transferee with a working spouse will surely be concerned about their partner’s ability to find meaningful work in the new location. This is magnified when the family is dependent on a dual income or when the spouse has invested in their own career which may now be at risk because of the relocation. Either way, providing career coaching services to spouses to help them find a job in the new location will greatly benefit the transferee, their family and ultimately, ease the transition.

XONEX Relocation works with leading providers to provide domestic and global career coaching to assist trailing spouses with finding a job. Each candidate will work with a personal career counselor matched by geography and skill set. Depending on the corporate relocation policy, their career coach can help them with everything from mapping out career options and employer research to resume writing and establishing an online presence.

With a program that provides adequate support, employers can reduce the stress that accompanies the job search by helping trailing spouses identify the best opportunities in the shortest amount of time possible. In turn, the family will settle more quickly, allowing the transferee to focus on their new job responsibilities.

Build the best relocation program for your business.

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