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Elder Care Services

While many companies are quick to consider spousal support and child-care assistance for relocating employees, elder care is often overlooked as an important relocation service. Now, however, it’s rapidly becoming a critical benefit as a result of an aging population that will exceed younger generations for the first time in history.  To prevent relocation resistance, policies should be updated to provide appropriate assistance to the increasing number of employees with elder care responsibilities.

XONEX Relocation offers elder care assistance among our relocation services. Typically, elder care services include research and guidance on elder care resources, including assisted-living centers, adult day care providers, state Medicare requirements, and support groups for full- or part-time family caregivers.

Most transferees that need elder care assistance will have a lot of concerns about nursing homes, assisted living and other living communities. For this reason, we are sure to ask about these needs during our initial call to the transferee so that we can arrange for facility tours during orientation trips. We will also provide a local expert who can answer any questions and give recommendations based on their knowledge of the area.

Ultimately, ensuring that transferees can meet their elder care responsibilities in their new location is paramount to the success of their relocation. Providing elder care assistance will help mitigate any problems upon arrival so that employees can settle-in to their new environment and return to work as soon as possible.

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