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Destination Relocation Services

Relocation Expense Reporting

t’s normal for employees to incur expenses during a relocation or temporary assignment. Organizing these expenses without a system in place can be a hassle for the employee and a time-consuming project for the client. Fortunately, XONEX Relocation offers online expense reporting that gives employees easy access to quick and paperless expense reporting.

The XONEX Relocation online expense filing process is easy to use and has controls to ensure that all expenses submitted for reimbursement adhere to corporate policy. These controls help remind the employee what is covered, while also making it easier corporate relocation managers and payroll to track and control all expense activities.

All of our expense reporting programs are designed around the approved relocation services policy to ensure that transferees are limited to the categories that have been initiated for them. Once eligible expenses are submitted, an expense analyst will verify each item is properly documented with receipts. The entire report and audit is then digitized and available for client review. If any expenses are questionable, our expense analysts will work with the transferee and client to come to a resolution.

Once expenses are approved, the employee is reimbursed by check or direct deposit. XONEX Relocation works closely with our clients’ payroll teams to ensure tax reporting and gross-ups are properly coordinated and tracked.

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