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Destination Relocation Services

Home Finding Relocation Services

One of the best ways to ensure that employees have a successful relocation is to help them find a great home at destination. Whether buying a new home or renting, they will need helpful information about the new location, as well as access to qualified and knowledgeable Realtors and service providers. XONEX Relocation’s home finding services are designed to give transferees access to the best talent in the market so that they find a home and feel comfortable in their new location as quickly as possible.


Every employee that relocates with XONEX is assigned a relocation services manager who will connect them with the highest quality realtor in the market, as well as other helpful resources in the new location. We also provide every transferee with a neighborhood community profile that details the demographics of the area, public and private school systems, houses of worship and other important community services.


Upon initiation, we will discuss lifestyle, housing preferences, family needs and financial requirements with the transferee in order to brief the Realtor on any preferences in advance of the home finding trip. This process saves the transferee time and ensures they will only see homes and parts of the community that meet their personal needs. Once a home is found, whether it is for purchase or rent, XONEX Relocation will assist the employee with negotiation advice to help facilitate the deal.


Our objective is to provide relocating employees and their families with personal consultation and helpful resources so that they can make informed decisions about their new home. Thorough home finding assistance not only helps the transferee settle sooner, but it also reduces disruption and increases employee productivity during the transition.

Build the best relocation program for your business.

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